Network support

CAUCA’s services support more than one-and-a-half million people in Quebec, receiving over 1200 calls a day. It is imperative that the network operates continuously under all circumstances. The infrastructure is therefore designed to contend with any type of scenario.

The server room is contained in a vault with several automatic alarms in case of a breach, water, fire or any situation that could alter proper operation.

Redundant services are in place using independent sources that could support operations if a failure occurs in any part of the system.

In addition, CAUCA possesses a complete and operational back-up centre allowing the migration of operations within a few minutes. This centre, connected by fibre optics, has a replica of all the servers in real time, ensuring a seamless transition of services.  

CAUCA experts ensure constant monitoring of all the elements of the network, allowing them to restore any situation with unparalleled efficiency while the system continues to work with numerous other sources in place.

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Photos: Patrick Guay, Photographer

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